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How Often Should You Change Your Oil?

Have you ever noticed about what oil does for your vehicle? The function of your car oil is to lubricate the components of the engine. Proper lubrication will allow the parts of the engine to move with each other without generating friction. If friction occurs it will slow down the running of the engine dramatically. It will generate a lot of heat that can cause damage to the vital components of the engine. The motor oil is used to anti-freeze radiation of your car by ensuring that the engine is not overheated.

If the amount of radiation reduced it will cause the heat to spread throughout the engine rather than specific parts of the engine that will dissipate in the surrounding air very easily. InTown Auto Care motor oil works as a cleaner that picks up dust particles or dirt which find their way into the engine. The engine needs to stay clean to perform maximum efficiency. The engine might be able to work without engine oil, but other parts need to use oil to move efficiently. 

OIL makes a slippery surface that allows the other parts to move smoothly and efficiently by reducing the force the works to stop them. Without engine oil, it is not possible to save yourself from damage caused by small dirt particles and overheated surface.

Oil filters keep a lot of junk in your engine with limited capacity. When your filter can't keep all circumstances out of your motor oil it's time for you to change your motor oil as soon as possible. If you go too long without changing your oil it will make costly sludge issues and reduce the oil viscosity. If your engine gets cold start it for the five minutes to warm it. After this job, you must wait for thirty minutes to avoid getting burned. Visit Intown Auto Care for getting all services regarding your car maintenance.